About Us

The owner of the company, Mike Vandrunen, started working in the HVAC Webster TX field as a helper for his father at the age of 15. Although he would go on to work as a mechanic, carpenter, and lifeguard in the years leading up to his 20s, he would alway find himself back into the HVAC field due to it being the only line of work that gave Mike the chance to meet new people daily, work and tinker with complex mechanisms and offer a new challenge daily. By 21, Mike already had his own AC license and was working as a subcontractor for a local HVAC Webster TX service company. During this time, Mike spent a great deal of time studying the up and coming high-performance comfort systems, such as multi-stage cooling and heating, zone control systems, indoor air quality add ons, and much more.

Mike would go on to start his own, very small company, later combined with his father, where he got a taste of owner-operator HVAC Webster TX business life. After 5 years of that Mike decided that he wanted to compete and started The Local A/C Guy, which came with a new better license and has been going strong since 2016. Today, Mike has become one of the most enthusiastic HVAC Webster TX contractors one can find in the wild and even goes as far as to offer tech assistance to other younger contractors in the field. When he’s not in the field making home cool again, he fabricates offroad 4×4 rigs for himself and his friends, rides motocross, and rough houses with his 4 dogs. All of his hobbies are centered around tinkering and working with his hands as the desire to understand how things work at a deeper level is the passion that got him into the industry!

Welcome to the greatest country in the world, Texas! Better yet, the great area south of Houston all the way to HVAC Webster TX! From Pasadena to Santa Fe and to Pearland and everywhere in between, there’s no shortage of interesting people with unique hobbies and worldly culture. The economy is fantastic and most people to meet are friendlier than those non-Tecan counterparts. As great of a place this is to be there is one drawback. IT’S INCREDIBLY HOT! With “real-feel” temperatures in the 100s consistently and high humidity, EVERYONE’s caught fighting off the weather. Heck, I guess we can’t have it all, which is why you need The Local AC Guy to take care of all your HVAC Webster TX needs. Some of our favorite people to run into are the engineers in Clear Lake. These individuals are typically very particular about anything that needs to be fixed or built and always have fantastic questions in regards to their comfort needs, which is right up our alley!

At The Local AC Guy, our goal is to give the HVAC Webster TX industry a new standard for customer service and quality of work! When you work with us you will experience more enthusiasm for the task ahead than any other contractor you have ever worked with. We are extremely passionate about what we do and making sure that the customer is completely taken care of. This process should be easy for the customer and they should always enjoy talking with their contactor. Our belief is that the core of every business is customer service and that starts with energetic communication. Even though we are doing HVAC Webster TX work, we want you to be able to understand the core of the issue so that you can have confidence in our knowledge and quality of work in which we are providing. No longer will the wool be pulled over your eyes as you will have a contractor you can trust who is honest and thorough with the work that they do.

Not only does our passion for the industry guide is into always educating ourselves on the nuances of the HVAC Webster TX services, but it is also our desire to always give our customers top notch work that drives us to constantly seek education. Learning about the cutting edge technology and systems in our industry while always tinkering to perfect our craft is what we do in our spare time. Our goal is that no matter what the heating or cooling issue is, you can have full confidence that The Local AC Guy is the only HVAC Webster TX company to get the job done right the very first time. If you desire to have a handyman that is overly qualified, incredibly values customer service, and will go above and beyond to make sure that you are given the very best care, look no further! We would love the opportunity to earn your business and just for trying us out we will give you 20% off your first ticket, never will you receive a trip charge from us as we are always happy to come out and asses the situation for free! Go ahead and give us a call today so that we can get you on the schedule!